FAMILY REUNION 2 - 3 July 2016 in Föllinge

Family Gathering 2012
We celebrate our family association’s 40th birthday.

All details about the program, entertainment, excursions, accommodation can be found here: Program

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The Stor-Hinrik Family Association is now on Facebook. All who are descendants are welcome to join the group.
Please send us an email with your details (name, born when/where) when you join the group, so we can easily check in our Genealogical Table if there is any information we are missing and can ask the right questions.

Enlarge the Family!

Please help us to enlarge the family!
Today, we have about   3 200 descendants of Stor-Hinrik and Kerstin in our register. But surely there are just as many who are not in our register.

Report new descendants and in-laws
Many family twigs appear to have died out in the 50’s and 60’s. This is obsviously not the case! Surely there are a lot of relatives born in modern times of whom we know nothing about. Help us to include these in our records, so we can all know who our cousins and second to fifth cousins are around the world.

Give our relatives a face
In our genealogical table it is possible to enter pictures. Send us a photo and we will publish it for you. This way we will make the register more alive. We are first and foremost interested in older pictures, up until the 1930’s.

Track down relatives in the Photo Archives of Jamtli
In the Photo Archives of Jamtli thera are a lot of photos of our relatives. Please help us find these photos and send us suggestions to the address below. Learn more >>

How to go about this
Send your information through mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or send a letter to:
Stor-Hinrik släkten
c/o Ruben Hansson
Rådmansgatan 8
SE-702 13 Örebro

If you send pictures in a letter and want to have them back, please attach a return envelope.